The Journey Begins

Here are some great achievements from some of my clients! 

Hard work and determination will pay off! 

Clare Adamson

In January 2018, I decided to change my life and made a new year’s resolution to lose weight and get fit. The concept of which terrified me. I was morbidly obese after years of abusing my body and having a very unhealthy relationship with food. I was a secret binge eater and would happily consume 20 packets of crisps and multiple chocolate bars in one sitting. My body and mind were beginning to fail. I was breathless after walking for only 5 minutes, had a constant asthmatic cough with recurrent chest infections, had hypertension and requiring 3 different medications to help my struggling heart. It was embarrassing to be the size I was and not be able to buy nice clothes from normal shops. I was a size 24 and miserable. Taking a flight and having to ask for a seat belt extender was a low point and I was ashamed. My mental health was deteriorating. I was irritable with colleagues at work and with family and soon realised that I was becoming depressed and isolating myself. Being a nurse, I knew I was a ticking timebomb for an early grave and at only 37 years old I knew I had to help myself for life to continue.

For my journey to be successful, I knew I had to do 2 things 1. sign up to a reputable diet plan and 2. enroll into a gym. I knew nothing about gyms and how to go forward but through some research, came across David Lloyd Luton and made myself an appointment to look around the facilities and what could be offered. I was nervous and very daunted as my impressions of gyms were that they were judgmental places and not for fat people! I was scared in case I would make a fool of myself with my lack of knowledge about exercise and equipment but was immediately welcomed by the team with warm smiles and reassured that support was available to help me with my journey. I signed up instantly and used the kick-start programme to give me a more in-depth knowledge of equipment and taster of a PT session. This is when I met Jordan Heywood. Little did I know at the time how instrumental he would be in my journey and story. He jotted down some details about my health/injuries/goals/experience in exercise and then guided me through some training. He was incredibly reassuring at the time as to what I could or could not do. His motivation to help me that day really did give me the confidence that I could actually do this. He introduced me to the Boditrax and suggested further PT sessions. The boditrax results were shocking!!

* Weight: 117kg (17 stone 13lbs)

* BMI: 47

* Visceral Fat: 16cc

* Metabolic Age: 52

* Fat Percentage: 51%

* Fat Mass: 58kg

* Water Percentage: 35%

* Clothes Size: 22/24

His guidance that day was second to none and just what I needed and as a result signed up for 8 PT sessions per month.

Fast forward 10 months and this is how my story has progressed. I have continued to have 2-3 sessions per week with Jordan and every session I have is enjoyable. Initially, I could not run for 30 seconds on the treadmill without thinking I was going to have a panic attack. He built a programme for me that was achievable and can now run on the treadmill for 30 minutes comfortably. My fitness levels have rocketed and so has my confidence in the gym. I look forward to going to the gym now and have even started incorporating some circuits when I go it alone. I recently discovered that he is absolutely committed to helping me achieve my goal weight as he plans our sessions the night before which demonstrates how he is going above and beyond to help me. No two sessions are the same. He is innovative in his circuits and recognises what targets I can achieve. His knowledge on technique has prevented me from any injury and corrects me immediately if my technique is wrong. Certainly, something I could not have done by myself. Not only has he supported my exercise and challenged my body but also helped me with my food habits. If I have been having a bad week, I will bring in my food diary and he will suggest alternative foods or spot areas in which could be improved upon.

His knowledge, skills and attitude has steered the desired results and i aim to be at goal weight of 9 stone 7lbs by March/April 2019. Jordan inspires me to keep motivated and has changed my entire attitude towards exercise and lifestyle. My mental health has improved dramatically, I am sleeping much better and my relationships with colleagues and family has improved, I no longer require medication for my hypertension and I now fit into a plane seat belt without the dreaded extension. He has given me the tools to succeed and as a result truly believe that Jordan deserves recognition for the dedication he has provided me. My current Boditrax results are as follows:

* Weight: 76kg (12 stone 2lb) Down 5 tone 11lb (81lbs)

* BMI: 32 Down 15

* Visceral Fat: 6cc Down 10cc

* Metabolic Age: 42 Down 10 years

* Fat Percentage: 32% Down 19%

* Fat Mass: 25kg Down 33kg

* Water Percentage: 48% Up 13%

* Clothes size: 12/14

Although this testimony supports my coaching hero Jordan Heywood, I have to show recognition to the whole team at David Lloyd Luton. Each and every member of the team has whole-heartedly supported my journey. It really does have a family feel. It’s the small things that really encourage me. The receptionist who greets me upon entering and has words of encouragement and tells me that I am looking amazing or wishing me a happy birthday. All of the other PT’s who come and talk to me during sessions with a real interest in how I am progressing and asking if I can discuss my journey with other clients at the start of their journey. The cleaners who always greet me with a smile and ask how I am. The maintenance man who is incredibly jolly and smiles consistently. The manager who regularly asks about my progress, offers advice and sincerely wants me to succeed. The team are inspiring, very professional and aim to help as much as they can. I now know my future is very exciting and the team have all transformed my life. Once I reach my goal weight, I know I will continue my journey at David Lloyd Luton who will help me maintain and become a stronger, fitter and better version of me. A life changing club.

Emily Hindell 

“18 months between these photos and I’m pretty proud with how far I’ve come! 12kgs down, 9” off my waist, 6” off my hips and 3.5” off my thighs. No crazy diets, just started by implementing small sustainable changes to my diet and lifestyle.   In November 2017, I overcame my general nervousness, joined the gym and started training with you. Resistance training has changed my body in ways I could only imagine. I’m the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been in my life. Who would have thought that after 38 years and 2 babies, that I’ve finally found my thing?! Seriously though, I’m in the free weight section of the gym most days, doing it for the girls. The only thing that held me back from originally starting was my own preconceived judgments and insecurities. I could not have been more wrong!   I like to think that I’ve managed to apply new behaviours and formed new habits, that will stay with me for life….. and what’s even better, is that I can still have a few g&t’s, eat cake and enjoy life! “



After a few months of trying to lose weight and slim down for my wedding I didn’t feel like I could see a big difference. I had put on some weight after quitting smoking and had lost a lot of self confidence. My main issue was I had lost my curves and needed to tone up. I felt awful about myself and was feeling very low and unmotivated.

My main issue was that I didn’t have the confidence to use the gym equipment. I wasn’t sure how to use the weights and how to lift them using the correct form. After just a month of working with Jordan I started to see some real improvements.

For the style of wedding dress I chose, I wanted to focus on toning up and building on my curves. I wanted the small waist, big bum look like most girls I guess. I don’t weigh myself so I went by measurements which was a useful way of seeing my progress without getting caught up in numbers in the scale.

Jordan showed me how to target specific areas but also how to get some cardio into my workouts without running on a treadmill for hours.

After 4 months I’d slimmed down, I felt healthier and lighter, I actually enjoyed working out and I looked exactly how I wanted to look for my wedding day.

I joined a gym and started to lift weights and work out by myself in addition to still seeing Jordan once a week. This helped me gain a lot more confidence and start to feel in control of my weight.

Jordan is a great personal trainer. He’s motivating without being pushy which was perfect for me. I would recommend him to anyone. He played a huge part in helping me feel great on my wedding day and I couldn’t thank him enough.

Jordan was recommended to myself and my fiancé by a friend and we decided to give it a go. Jordan listened to our goals and started to work with us individually. The sessions were enjoyable and Jordan was always friendly, motivating and very professional.